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What we do

We use art in medical education to make it more relevant, more interesting, more grounded in the patient.

Art in CME, LLC, was founded in 2012 with a dual mission:
  • To give voice to patients, care providers, and caregivers who seek to express the emotions connected with illness and healing, and
  • To use this voice to speak to clinicians and researchers through the medium of continuing education
We collect art in many forms from many people--patients (of all ages), caregivers, and care providers.
We make this art available to those who develop Continuing Medical Education and Continuing Education activities for physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physician assistants, and other care providers.
We weave the art into these CME/CE activities.
The result: Better CME and CE programs that help keep the practice of medicine focused on the patient. Art holds the participants' attention, helps them reflect on the human condition, and, in the end, helps them provide better patient care.
                                                                               Image by Jenna Mackenzie